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Our MTi Team's Digital Story - 2011 - Summarizing Our Work and Accomplishments with the HP Innovations in Education HP EdTech Grant ... Please visit

Our Digital Story from our first year of the grant, 2010, please visit

Science Resources:

Grade 10 Science
BodySystems Computerized Unit : The Grade 10 Unit on Body Systems has been re-written by our teachers and delivered using the HP Mini-Note computers for information gathering and reporting.grade_10_Capture.PNG

Grade 10 Science
Grade 10 Planarian Project Overview (Project Based Learning)
Driving Question: The body is capable of regenerating a limited number of tissues and organs. When you cut yourself, your body forms new skin cells to close the wound. Blood cells, stomach and lung tissues and even the liver can regenerate. Unfortunately, if we lose a limb, have a heart attack, or develop cancer, the body is unable to regenerate healthy cells and tissues.
You are a Scientist working at the Ascension Institute of Stem Cell Research.
How can the regeneration of planaria help your research team understand the regenerative properties of human cells? How would you use this information to develop a new treatment for cancer, spinal cord injuries and other diseased/damaged tissues and organs?

Grade 10 Science
Student Digital Storytelling for Planarian Project
Students summarized their finding of the Planarian Project in a Web-Based Digital Story.

Grade 11 Physics:

Students completed the Application of Science in Technology Expectations of the Curriculum by blogging on our Grade 11 Physics Ning page.

Grade 12 Physics:
Students completed the Application of Science in Technology Expectations of the Curriculum by blogging on our Grade 12 Physics Ning page. They posted links to their digital stories here as well. ascension_webs.PNG

Grade 12 Digital Storytelling
Part one is here:
Part two is here:
Grade 12 Students wrote traditional lab reports to prepare them for University lab reporting. However their final lab report was in the form of web-based digital storytelling. They posted their digital story links on our class blog page. Here are some of the stories.


Math Resources:

Homework Help
All Grade 7, 8, 9, and 10 students taking Math in our Board now have free access to One-on- One Math Tutoring with certified Ontario teachers. In the evenings, students can get math support at Homework Help. On-line real time math tutors are available to assist Sunday through Thursday, from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
The Ontario Educational Resource Bank
Over 24 000 resources created and shared by Ontario teachers
The Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB) is a site maintained by the Ministry of Education. It has material for teachers and students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. You may search for the resource you need by grade, by subject, or in other ways.
Preparing for Mathematics Assessments
What is
Preparing for Mathematics Assessments?
The program is designed to prepare grade 7 to 10 students for mathematics assessments in
The academic or the applied courses. The sections in the program are:
Number Sense and Algebra
Linear Relations
Analytic Geometry
Measurement and Geometry
There are a total of 74 activities (learning objects) which provide answers, model complete solutions, and provide interactive solutions for students to gain complete understanding.
What is Brightstorm?
Free homework help videos covering every topic in Math and Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
A community of over 130,000 learners asking each other questions and getting free homework help
How do I use Brightstorm?
Whenever you’re confused and need homework help, watch our free homework help videos to quickly get unstuck—Try a free Math or Science video now!
Use our Math Homework Checker to get instant answers to your Math problems—it's the best free homework help tool on the web!
Khan Academy
Thousands of free videos (youtube) explaining math, science, and many other topics.
The Khan Academy is all about using video to explain the world, so what better way to explain the Khan Academy than through videos. … we hope to empower everyone, everywhere with a free, world-class education.

CLIPS math
This site contains several video clips of a teacher working on a SmartBoard while narrating the lesson. Contains all subjects in the Grade 9 Math curriculum as well lessons for the subjects:
Grade 10 - Applied Mathematics
Grade 11 - Foundations For College
Grade 11 - Functions & Applications
Grade 12 - Foundations for College
CLIPS-Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports
CLIPS is an excellent resource for concept development of mathematical ideas. This site was created by the Ministry of Education and provides numerous interactive lessons for Grade 7-10 Math. Many extras include a graphing calculator, teacher notes, videos, and the ability to download the CLIPS on your own computer!
GIZMOS® is a powerful online resource available to teachers and students in our Board. The Ministry of Education has obtained licenses from ExploreLearning for all teachers of Grade 7-12 Math and Science. There are over 450 online simulations for Math & Science from grades 3 -12 for teaching, learning, and assessing student understanding.
Math Open Reference
The Mission of the Math Open Reference Project is simple:
A free interactive math textbook on the web.
Using interactive tools and compelling animations, Math Open Reference provides an engaging way to learn and explore mathematics. Teachers will have new ways to teach, and the students a new way to learn that is fun and engaging.
Topics include:
Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Several Tools (Function explorer), Scientific calculator, and much more!
Great Extra: Step - by - step instructions for more than 30 different constructions
Algebasics is a free website with the following features:
16 different sections with several subsections that cover a wide variety of topics aimed at
Intermediate/Senior Mathematics
This is a skills based site with hundreds of short, narrated mini-lessons ready for students and teachers to view
Great for introducing a concept or review!

Math Sample Lesson: