Welcome to the Malton Technology Initiative Wiki Page for the ISTE 2010 Conference in Denver

MTi is a joint technology venture for three Malton, Ontario schools from the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. (www.dpcdsb.org) The schools are:
Ascension of out Lord Caholic S.S.
Holy Cross School
St Raphael School
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For details on the MTi check out our poster for Denver 2010 ....

Holy Cross/St. Raphael Elementary Resources

Explore the relationships between the dimensions of a cylinder

Ascension Math Resources:

Math Activities

Quadratic transformations
In this activity, students describe the transformations of a quadratic function in vertex form and summarize the role of each parameter in the equation.
Sample lesson plan:

Go Fish
Presented in the form of a fishing game, this interactive learning object challenges players to use the coordinates of the vertex and one other point on a parabola to determine the value of the "a" variable and ultimately the equation of the parabola in vertex form.
The World of Trigonometry
The object provides an opportunity for students to decide when to use the various trigonometric formulas. Initially the students work with triangles that are provided but then they expand to working with real life situations.
Graphing Tool
This object provides students with a graphing tool, allowing students to visualize solutions to problems. Students are able to take advantage of technology to generate graphs and arrive at solutions to problems that lend themselves to graphical methods.
The Great Trig Trek
This interactive learning object takes the form of a game where players review and practice the skill of selecting the proper trigonometric tool (sine law, cosine law or primary trig ratio) in solving for the missing side or angle in a triangle. Presented as a challenging world-wide adventure, players are then challenged to actually solve for the missing sides and angles of triangles using the appropriate method.
This interactive learning object is a game in which x-intercepts are plotted on a graph and players must identify the quadratic equation that matches the x-intercepts. Players are then provided with a vertex and they must calculate the value of "a" in the factored form of the equation. Players must then correctly choose the equation that fully corresponds to the vertex and x-intercepts given.
This simulation collects and graphs data which is quadratic in nature. The demonstration simulates water leaking from a cylinder and records the volume remaining at each time interval.
Sampling Techniques
Students learn the different sampling techniques used commonly to collect data and be able to distinguish between these different techniques. They practice identifying the different sampling techniques and calculate the number of individuals that must be sampled from a population in different scenarios and design different sampling methods.
Take the Right Path
In this simulation, students draw routes from one intersection to another and will use their results to develop Pascal’s method and draw connections to Pascal’s triangle. Similar scenarios including obstacles and tasks to be performed will require students to modify their use of Pascal’s method to accommodate these different conditions.
Graphing calculator
Distance Time Lesson

Ascension Science Resources:

Science Resources and Links for Various Secondary School Science Courses
pH and concentrations info which can be used for Ka, Kb and Kw calcuations

gizmo for work on pH
Grade 12 Chemistry Gizmo list
Grade 11 Physics - Amazing Race Detour Activity for Law of Conservation of Energy

Grade 11 Chemistry Gas Law

Photosynthesis game

Grade 10 Body Systems Unit
Visual Essay

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