MTI Math Resources

Welcome to the Math Resources page. This page will be used by teachers in the MTi to access and share resources to support mathematics in grades 7 to 10.

  • For Resources Generated by our MTi group, please visit the ISTE2010 link in the margin to the left!

Sample Smart Notebook Files

Integer Operations


Exploring Fractions

Algebra Tiles

Useful Web Sites

Smarttech Training
Smarttech Support for DPCDSB
Critical Learning Instructional Path Supports (CLIPS)
Trent Math Educational Resource Cooperative
(TMERC) Interactive Whiteboard Framework
Elementary Math Curriculum Documents
Secondary Math Curriculum Documents
EDUGAINS Math Ministry Site
National Library of Virtual Manipilatives (NLVM)

Gizmos Login Information

Grades 7 to 10 teachers of Mathematics in Ontario have access to the learning objects (Gizmos). The login information for the three schools in the MTI are:

duffpeel40, duffpeel41, duffpeel42, duffpeel43, duffpeel44
Holy Cross
duffpeel282, duffpeel283, duffpeel284, duffpeel285
St Raphael
duffpeel622, duffpeel623, duffpeel624, duffpeel625

Getting Started Guide:

CLIPS (Online Learning Tools for Mathematics) New_clipart.jpg

These resources are made by the Ministry of Education to support students for topics such as:
  • Fraction Concepts
  • Linear Growing Patterns
  • Periodic Functions

CLIPS are intended to remediate students. Possible environments to use CLIPS are SERC, credit recovery, special education, alternative education and student access from home.

CLIPS are avaliable at the OAME web site

Check out the CLIPS wiki at

Last updated on October 20, 2009