MTi Science Resources

Welcome to the Science Resources page.

  • please click on the ISTE2010 link in the margin to the left for resources generated by our MTi group in 2009/10 and the ISTE2011 link to the left for the work accomplished through 2011.

Useful Web Sites

Smarttech Training
Smarttech Support for DPCDSB
Elementary Science Curriculum Documents
Secondary Science Curriculum Documents
Virtual Chem Labs
Free Interactive Science Simulations
(Virtual Labs)

new_25.gifGreat Article! Teaching with Laptops (in Grade 9 Electricity!)

Sample SMART Notebook Files

Animal and Plant Cells
external image x-zip.png PlantsandAnimalsCells.notebook

List of some other SMART
Notebook Science Files

Sample Gizmos

Interdependence of Plants and Animals

Forest Ecosystem
Pond Ecosystem
Cell Structure
Cell Energy Cycle

Getting Started Guide for Gizmos:

external image pdf.png Gizmos.pdf

Last updated on December 1, 2009